Second Civil Chamber

Second Civil Chamber is located in the temporary headquarters in Octavian Goga Blvd no. 2, Section II, District 3, Bucharest.

According to Article 23 para. (1), para. (2) and par. (3), Art. 25 para. (1) of Law No 304/2022 on the organisation of the judiciary and the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, the Second Civil Chamber shall adjudicate:

  • appeals against judgments of the courts of appeal and other judgments in the cases provided for by law;
  • appeals against non-final judgments or judicial acts of any kind which cannot be challenged in any other way and the course of the proceedings has been interrupted before the courts of appeal;
  • appeals against judgments dismissing the application for referral to the Constitutional Court, delivered at last instance (where the judgment was delivered by the Second Civil Chamber of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the appeal is heard by a different panel);
  • applications for revision in the cases provided for by law;
  • appeals for annulment;
  • applications for transfer, for the reasons provided for in the Code of Civil Procedure;
  • conflicts of jurisdiction, in the cases provided for by law;
  • any other applications provided for by law.