Categories of information excluded from unrestricted public access of citizens

The categories of information exempted from free access to citizens, provided for in Article 12 para. (1) of Law No 544/2001, established in accordance with the specific activity of the courts are the following:
  • Information classified, according to the law, in the field of national defence, security and public order;
  • Information concerning the deliberations of the court;
  • Information on the commercial or financial activities of legal or natural persons in the court's files, if their publication would prejudice the principle of fair competition;
  • Information on the personal data of parties to proceedings pending before the courts, unless it affects their ability to hold public office;
  • Information during disciplinary investigations of magistrates;
  • Procedural information during the criminal investigation, if confidential sources are revealed or the life, bodily integrity, health of a person is endangered because of the investigation conducted or in progress;
  • Information on judicial proceedings, other than information on compliance with the principle of publicity, if this would be prejudicial to ensuring a fair trial or to the legitimate interest of the parties involved in the proceedings;
  • Information in cases involving minors and juveniles, where the court hearing has been declared non-public and the protection of minors and juveniles is required;
  • Information in cases, which have been, or are held in secret court hearing, as well as information concerning the authorisation of searches or the confirmation and authorisation of interceptions and recordings of telephone conversations;
  • Information on special court documents and records, which are confidential.